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Weaponizing the Government: Laws violated, evidence destroyed, GOP insiders caught red-handed

Aug 6, 2015

Government officials violated the law, lied about evidence in a legal proceeding and destroyed electronic records to cover their tracks. And career politicians benefited.   Fellow Kansans and fellow Republicans, we warn you, this will not … Read More

BREAKING: KS Board clears Dr. Wolf of Pat Roberts’ false charges; Board member caught lying about/destroying evidence

Aug 3, 2015

  Over a year after Senator Pat Roberts and Republican insiders falsely and repeatedly accused Dr. Milton Wolf of violating patient confidentiality, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts confirmed to Dr. Wolf that the inquiry … Read More

Our fight for liberty endures

Sep 3, 2014

“I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth.” To my friends, my fellow patriots, my fellow members of the Wolf Pack: Words cannot begin to express the profound honor it is for … Read More

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