Milton Wolf

Meet Dr. Milton Wolf

Milton Wolf is a doctor, not a politician.
He believes America must re-embrace the Constitution
and the divinely-inspired American Idea of individual liberty,
limited government and free-market values.

Want to drive Barack Obama crazy? Send his very own fearless
conservative cousin -- "the next Ted Cruz" -- to the
United States Senate!

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The latest news

The Difference Between Pat Roberts and his “Old Friend” Kathleen Sebelius? Not Much

Apr 16, 2014

Dr. Milton Wolf, A Conservative Choice for Kansas Overland Park – News reports that Kathleen Sebelius is considering a run for the U.S. Senate raise an important question.  What is the difference between her and Pat … Read More

Dr. Milton Wolf Goes Up on TV

Apr 16, 2014

30 Second Ad Will Run for 14 Days Across Kansas Overland Park – Today, Dr. Milton Wolf’s campaign for U.S. Senate launched its first TV ad “Working in Kansas”.  The ad will run for 14 days … Read More

Pat Roberts (R-VA) Should Apologize for His Part of the Damage Done by Kathleen Sebelius

Apr 11, 2014

Roberts Gave Crucial Support to Kathleen Sebelius’ Nomination; Roberts’ Call for Sebelius Resignation was Prompted by Dr. Milton Wolf’s Primary Challenge; Roberts Has Offered 4 Different Explanations on Why He Supported Sebelius Overland Park – Pat Roberts … Read More

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