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Roberts Campaign Caught Illegally Switching Virginia License Plates From Campaign Truck

Aug 4, 2014

Joseph Ashby Show Talks About Pat Roberts Parade Controversy; Roberts Campaigns with “Neighbor’s” Truck from Alexandria, Virginia Overland Park –  This morning, the Joseph Ashby Show in Wichita covered the Roberts campaign’s most recent misstep, showing just … Read More

The Choice in the Kansas Senate Race: Conservative Solutions vs The Lonely Recliner

Aug 3, 2014

Dr. Milton Wolf Campaigned on Positive, Free-Market Based Policies Like PatientCare; Pat Roberts Ran a False, Washington-Style Personal Attack Campaign and Offered Zero Solutions After 47 years in Washington, all Kansans Have to Show for Pat Roberts … Read More

ICYMI: Pat Roberts Really Wants You to Know He Lives in Virginia, Chapter #327

Aug 3, 2014

Roberts Campaigns With “Neighbor” from Alexandria, Virginia, As Dodge City, KS “Neighbors” Non-Existent PRICELESS: Roberts Campaign Staff Busted Switching License Plates on Virginia “Neighbor’s” Truck in Gardner, KS Parade Overland Park – Senator Pat Roberts really wants you to know … Read More

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