Dr. Milton Wolf Announces Campaign for US Senate

October 8, 2013

Overland Park – Today Dr. Milton Wolf announced his intentions to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.  The incumbent, Senator Pat Roberts, announced earlier this year that he will seek a fourth decade in Congress.

Milton Wolf was born and raised in Lyons, a small farming community in central Kansas.  He went to the University of Kansas, and its medical school, becoming one of the top medical students in the nation.  He became a radiologist and he practices in the Kansas City area.  A former medical director, Wolf became a nationally known, outspoken critic of ObamaCare and its effects on the practice of medicine.   He now writes a national newspaper column from a conservative viewpoint, and he has appeared as a conservative commentator on Fox News.  He has never run for political office before, but is now running for the U.S. Senate because he believes America is threatened by the politicians in Washington who are bankrupting our country.  Wolf and his wife Karrie have been married for twenty-two years, and they have two children.

Dr. Wolf has spoken about his strong support for term limits and his opposition to any increases in the debt ceiling.  He has also stated that as a Doctor who has cared for thousands of Kansans through the years he knows firsthand the harm that ObamaCare is doing to our country and to Kansas families.  He pledged to fight every day for its repeal and to never cast a vote that funds any portion of this terrible law.

“America’s health care system should not be centered around the government and it should not be centered around doctors.  America’s health care system should be centered around patients.  I call my plan simply: PatientCare.” said Wolf.


Wolf also said, “I am here today to take my stand for America. I’m here today to fight for our Constitution and the divinely-inspired American idea of individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise.  I’m here today to reclaim the American Dream for all Kansans and all Americans.”

When asked earlier this year about a possible primary challenge from Dr. Milton Wolf, Senator Roberts said of Milton “…he’s very conservative1.”


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