BOMBSHELL: Roberts NEVER Lived in Dodge City, and Didn’t Live in Kansas for 18 Years BEFORE Congress

April 10, 2014

Pat Roberts Lived in Arizona from 1962 Until He Moved to Washington in 1967;

Pat Roberts Purchased his Current Virginia Home in 1975,  5 Years Before his First Election to Congress in 1980;

Contrary to His Public Statements, Pat Roberts has NEVER Lived in Dodge City;

Pat Roberts Used Dodge City to Claim Residency in the  Big First Congressional District Solely to Run for Congress

roberts recliner

Pat Roberts’ “home” address in Kansas is a bedroom he starting renting from a donor in October 2013 when Dr. Wolf entered the race. Roberts thinks it’s a joke boasting that he has “full access to the recliner.” A rented La-Z-Boy is not a home, Senator, it’s an excuse.

Overland Park – Senator Pat Roberts (R-VA) doesn’t live in Kansas. But unlike other members of  Congress who have abandoned their home state or district to move to Washington after being elected, Senator Roberts actually did not even live in Kansas in the 18 years before his first election to Congress.

  • Senator Roberts lived in Arizona from 1962 to 1967.
  • Then Senator Roberts accepted a job on Capitol Hill and moved to Washington where he has lived ever since.
  • Fairfax County Tax records show that Senator Roberts purchased his Virginia home in Alexandria in 1975, a full 5 years before he was first elected to Congress.
  • Senator Roberts raised his family in Virginia.

And while Pat Roberts moved his voter registration to the home of campaign donors in October of last year when Dr. Milton Wolf announced a primary challenge to Roberts, that is actually not the first time Roberts has used those donors as an excuse for not having a home in Kansas. Senator Roberts cited that he stayed with the Rosses during his time in Congress, when Phyllis Ross was an employee of Roberts’ congressional office.

The bottom line is, Senator Roberts has never lived in Dodge City, and Senator Roberts had lived outside of Kansas for a full 18 years before he was ever even elected to Congress. It is no surprise that Senator Roberts is out of touch with the very Kansans he is supposed to represent.