Dr. Milton Wolf Announces ‘PatientCare’

January 14, 2014

After Full Repeal of ObamaCare, Dr. Milton Wolf’s PatientCare Will Focus on

Free-Market Solutions for America’s Healthcare system


Overland Park – Today, Dr. Milton Wolf announced his healthcare plan to be enacted as a replacement after full repeal of ObamaCare.

In announcing the plan Dr. Wolf said, “ObamaCare is a disaster and must be fully repealed. The fundamental premise of ObamaCare, that there is a large role for the federal government in America’s Healthcare system, is so fundamentally flawed that no fix is possible.”

Dr. Wolf continued, “When ObamaCare is fully repealed it will need to be replaced by free market solutions to our healthcare problems. PatientCare is my vision for our healthcare system and if elected to the U.S. Senate

I will fight every day for full repeal of ObamaCare and when it is repealed I will fight to make PatientCare the new law of the land.”

Dr. Wolf’s healthcare plan, PatientCare, can be viewed here:

patientcare cover 1