Former State Representatives Jana Goodman and Charlotte O’Hara Endorse Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

November 12, 2013

Overland Park – Today the Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate campaign announced the endorsements of former state Representatives Jana Goodman and Charlotte O’Hara.

“Kansans deserve to have a conservative fighter in the U.S. Senate” said Jana Goodman.  Goodman continued, “I will work to get Dr. Milton Wolf elected to the U.S. Senate, because the future of our country is at stake.”

Representative O’Hara added, “As Kansans hear from Dr. Milton Wolf they will rally to his conservative message.  Kansas is a bright red state that is home to people who are thirsting for conservative leadership in the U.S. Senate.  There is no question that Dr. Wolf will be that bold conservative fighter.”

In announcing these endorsements Dr. Wolf said, “I am proud to have the support of Kansans all across our great state.  I am even prouder to have conservative leaders rally around our campaign, and commit to working toward our common goal of making sure our next U.S. Senator is a true conservative fighter.  As our campaign continues to grow, I look forward to building the grassroots army that will deliver a huge win for conservative values in August.”