Milton Wolf Proposes Two Debates in Each Kansas Media Market

June 9, 2014
Pat Roberts Owes Kansans Debates on the Issues

Overland Park – Pat Roberts averages less than 50 days in Kansas every calendar year.  This year he has dodged numerous debate invitations, and he even went so far as to fabricate a phony appointment with a VA hospital to dodge the most recent debate opportunity, later admitting that he had not yet had that meeting.  After 47-years in Washington, Pat Roberts owes his constituents debates on the issues.

In issuing the challenge Dr. Milton Wolf said, “The Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka media markets cover the vast majority of the state.  I propose 2 debates per media market before theAugust 5th primary.  If Pat Roberts refuses this debate schedule he should offer a counter plan, or an explanation as to why he refuses to debate the issues with me in this campaign.  Kansans deserve better from their U.S. Senator than a permanent resident of Virginia who won’t appear before Kansans.”

Thad Cochran, another long time establishment senator who abandons the conservative fight almost as often as Pat Roberts, failed in trying to dodge debates with his conservative primary opponent in Mississippi.  He finished in 2nd place on Election Day because grassroots conservatives around America want answers from the establishment.

Will Pat Roberts continue channeling Thad Cochran by dodging debates?