National Association for Gun Rights Endorses Dr. Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

March 24, 2014

Dr. Wolf Continues to Build an Impressive Conservative Grassroots Coalition 


Overland Park – The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is the latest conservative grassroots organization to add their name to the growing list of endorsements for Dr. Milton Wolf.

From NAGR-PAC endorsement:

“For the past few years we have seen how great an impact Senators can have when they stand on principle,” stated Dudley Brown, Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “I am convinced that Wolf is the type of principled and articulate candidate who will be a strong leader on our issue and a great support to Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee.”

“NAGR-PAC works to elect more pro-gun leaders in Congress, not more followers.”

The National Association for Gun Rights joins with Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, Tea Party Express, RedState’s Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Former Congressman Jim Ryun, Republican Liberty Caucus, Flint Hills Tea Party, Southeast Kansas Conservative Group, Kansans for Constitutional Government, Kansans for Constitutional Integrity, State Representatives Josh Powell, Marty Read, Mike Houser, and Ron Highland, and many other conservative grassroots activists across Kansas and the nation in supporting Dr. Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate.