Pat Roberts (R-VA) Readies War on Doctors

February 22, 2014

Polls Show Roberts (R-VA) in Free Fall: Desperation is Setting in

Frumpy Roberts Podium

Overland Park – Pat Roberts has been desperately trying to mislead Kansans and flat out dodge questions about his lack of residency in Kansas.  His attempts have failed.  News outlets all across Kansas and all across the country have covered the story, and Roberts’ multiple different explanations weren’t cutting it for Kansans.  New polling shows that Roberts is considered by a plurality of Kansans to be more interested in being a DC insider than representing Kansans.

So now in the most desperate move of any campaign in recent history, Roberts is readying a war on doctors, starting with a misleading character attack on Dr. Wolf.  Roberts has planted stories in the media designed to mislead voters about Dr. Wolf.  Such a desperate move is expected of a career politician like Roberts, who is facing serious trouble back in his long abandoned home of Kansas.

In his healthcare plan, PatientCare, Dr. Wolf wrote, “Medical students learn early in their careers that every white coat comes with a large bullseye on its back.”

That is especially true when a doctor takes on an entrenched career politician in Washington.

“In the days ahead, an assault on my character will begin.  This attack will be launched covertly through the media by my opponent out of Virginia, Pat Roberts,” said Dr. Milton Wolf.  “This assault will not only target me, but will, through its implications, cast a wider net to vilify all doctors.  It is likely that, at Roberts’ suggestion, reporters will try to make connections that simply don’t exist.  But I didn’t let an audit by Barack Obama’s IRS intimidate me, and I won’t let the desperate attacks of an entrenched career politician intimidate me either.  I have been campaigning for four months and for several years I have written conservative columns and made appearances, and still Pat Roberts cannot find a single issue on which he has claimed I’m wrong.  So instead he acts exactly like the 47-year Washington insider he is and simply launches a character assassination against an upstanding medical doctor in Kansas. This is exactly what’s wrong with politics and why every career politician must go. Kansans deserve better from their United States Senator.”

Dr. Wolf has nothing to hide.  To schedule an interview email [email protected] or call 785.256.0893.