RedState’s Erick Erickson Endorses Dr. Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

December 19, 2013

redstate erickson endorsement 

Conservatives Continue to Unite Behind Dr. Milton Wolf

Overland Park – In announcing his endorsement of Dr. Wolf, Erickson pointed to Pat Roberts’ apparent election-year conversion.

“Conservatives need to stop being played the fool by incumbent Senators who find religion in their election year. We can do better in Kansas. We can support Dr. Milton Wolf.”

“Dr. Wolf understands that an ‘R’ is not enough and, as he wrote yesterday, “The letter “R” did not save America.” It takes more than that. It takes principle and it takes conviction.”

“We can move Kansas to the right of Pat Roberts and we can do so with Dr. Milton Wolf in the United States Senate. I’m proud to support him and look forward to sending Ted Cruz reinforcements.”

The full endorsement is available online: