Weaponizing the Government: Laws violated, evidence destroyed, GOP insiders caught red-handed

August 6, 2015

Government officials violated the law, lied about evidence in a legal proceeding and destroyed electronic records to cover their tracks. And career politicians benefited.

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Fellow Kansans and fellow Republicans, we warn you, this will not be easy for you to read, but it’s critical you do…



This is the anatomy of political corruption within in the Republican Party. The law was broken. Lies were told. And a cover-up ensued. Just as Barack Obama used the IRS to target his political adversaries, Kansas and Washington GOP insiders weaponized a powerful government agency in an attempt to not only silence a political adversary, but to destroy his career.

What will follow is the evidence, in the central players’ own words, that will establish three main facts: (1) A government employee violated the law with incredibly suspicious timing such that it benefited a politician. (2) A  government official who was a major donor before being appointed to a powerful Board position lied about evidence in a legal case before her own agency and then destroyed electronic records to cover her tracks. And, (3) the career politicians whose actions set these events into motion benefited.

But they weren’t prepared for what comes next. One man simply refused to bow down.

“How do you deal with a bully? You punch back twice as hard.” — Dr. Milton Wolf



In February 2014, Senator Pat Roberts’ campaign was sinking fast. After 47 years in Washington, the senator whose own colleagues considered him to be “basically furniture in the Senate” was exposed as not even having a home in Kansas other than a rented La-Z-Boy recliner.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so corrupt insiders in the Kansas and Washington GOP establishment came running to the rescue.

moran hugging roberts

Pat Roberts joined fellow Senator Jerry Moran and Representative Kevin Yoder to hire one of the worst miscreants in American politics, Jeff Roe, whose specialty is character assassination of fellow Republicans who dare to challenge the establishment’s power.

The depths to which Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran and Kevin Yoder are willing to sink would disgust any normal Kansan. From their henchman Jeff Roe’s own website…

jeff roe dumpster diving

The personification of sleazy politics, Jeff Roe recently made national headlines when two of his targets, Missouri Republicans Tom Schweich and Spence Jackson, tragically took their own lives succumbing to a kind of relentless, ruthless pressure (that occurs both in public and private) that few outside the crosshairs can ever fully understand. This is the kind of man Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran and Kevin Yoder associate with and hire to do their “dumpster diving” dirty work.

Dr. Wolf has repeatedly called upon the Kansas GOP, Governor Sam Brownback, Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Jerry Moran and Representative Kevin Yoder to denounce Jeff Roe and his brand of politics of personal destruction. We don’t need his venom in Kansas. So far they have refused.

The Kansas GOP knew that Pat Roberts, like Jerry Moran, could not run on his record, at least truthfully, so they had to go with Plan B: Personal Destruction.

pat & jerry CR scores

So in 2014, Pat Roberts dispatched his dumpster-diving friend Jeff Roe to investigate Dr. Wolf to find something, anything, he could hand over to the media. Meanwhile, Jerry Moran dispatched another political thug, Brad Dayspring, to launch an all-out personal assault on Dr. Wolf with more venom and volume than they ever use against any Democrat. Most Republicans will remember that at this same time in 2014, it was Jerry Moran as head of the NRSC who funneled Republican donations to Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts in Mississippi in order to defeat a conservative Republican, state Senator Chris McDaniel. Moran also funneled Republican donations to Kansas to fund a get-out-the-vote effort to defeat our own conservative Republican, Dr. Milton Wolf.


Jerry Moran: “We’re not the Republican Party”

In a stunning admission to Greg Knapp on KCMO talk radio, when asked why Moran and the NRSC were spending Republican donations to defeat fellow Republicans, Jerry Moran confessed: “We’re not the Republican Party.”

Catch that, Republican voters? Jerry Moran may say a lot of things when he’s here in Kansas, but back in Washington, his loyalty is not to our party, it’s to his own re-election.



An unlawful leak by a public official

The politics of personal destruction are deplorable enough, but this case quickly turned from mere rough-and-tumble politics to the weaponization of government in order to destroy a political rival. This is analogous to how President Barack Obama and federal employee Lois Lerner mobilized the IRS to target his political rivals.

Kansas state law is unambiguously clear: The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts members and its employees are strictly forbidden from publicizing or even confirming or denying the existence of any inquiry before the Board. Here is Healing Arts Act 65-2898a:

Any complaint or report, record or other information relating to a complaint which is received, obtained or maintained by the board shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed by the board or its employees in a manner which identifies or enables identification of the person who is the subject or source of the information…”

The only exceptions allowed are to notify the subject of the inquiry as well as pertinent hospital committees and licensing agencies. Kansas law provides no exception for notifying the media.

“If it’s illegal for the Board to discuss or even confirm or deny the existence of an inquiry, then how in the world did the entire planet come to know about mine, unless someone broke the law?” — Dr. Milton Wolf

According to the Topeka-Capital Journal, on July 14, 2014 — just three weeks before a pivotal federal election — Board employee Dan Riley “divulged in a letter” the existence of “a formal investigation” of the doctor who was about to unseat Senator Pat Roberts. It was not until a year later that Dr. Wolf would be cleared of Pat Roberts’ false charges when the Board officially closed the inquiry without any findings of wrongdoing amid curious circumstances. Despite multiple requests by Dr. Wolf, the Board was unable to produce a copy of a complaint or even name a single patient of Dr. Wolf’s who complained.

Consider the implausibility, in fact, the outright suspicious timing of that illegal divulgence of Dr. Wolf’s inquiry perfectly timed for maximum impact of a pivotal election. What’s worse, this was seeking information that (1) was several years old, (2) the investigator had to know — according to a central tenet of journalism to not divulge sources — that he would not receive the information, and (3) that ultimately the evidence exonerated Dr. Wolf. Worse still, (4) evidence below will show a Board member was already aware of the evidence but sat on it for years. These events go beyond straining credulity. The military-like precision timing of the illegal release of information about Dr. Wolf simply does not pass the smell test.

UPDATE (Aug 9, 2015): How serious  is this? On August 8, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane was arraigned on criminal charges of violating state confidentiality laws in order to smear a political rival.

It is not known at this time who, if anyone, directed Dan Riley to unlawfully divulge the existence of the inquiry.


Meet the Lois Lerner of Kansas: Anne Hodgdon

Anne Hodgdon is Governor Sam Brownback’s appointee to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

anne sam jeff

Hodgdon has been a major donor to Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran, Kevin Yoder and Sam Brownback and a rabid critic of Dr. Wolf. And, a mountain of evidence will confirm, Anne Hodgdon is a serial liar.


Qualified? Anne Hodgdon: The only member of a healing arts board in America who does not know that a doctor is a doctor

Sam Brownback, after receiving a major campaign contribution from Hodgdon, installed her to oversee your family’s healthcare despite the fact that Hodgdon lacks medical credentials. Hodgdon posted publicly, under her official title as a “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts” , that a radiologist (Dr. Wolf’s specialty) is ‘not a real doctor because all you do is sit in a room reading X-rays.’ Hodgdon also publicly stated that radiologists have ‘done nothing since high school except read X-rays.’

Given the use of her official title, it is unclear if Anne Hodgdon was speaking on behalf of the Board or if the official position of the Board is that Kansas radiologists — after four years of college, four years of medical school, five years of specialty training and the arduous challenge of board certification — are not real doctors.

This is who Sam Brownback installed into a powerful position to sit in judgment of your family’s doctor.

Dr. Wolf would like to reassure Kansas women who are obtaining their first screening mammograms or undergoing a life-changing breast biopsy tomorrow morning, that the radiologist who performs these procedures is a highly-trained and board-certified physician who cares deeply about you, and is indeed a real doctor. Dr. Wolf would also like to reassure fathers who will rush their daughters to the ER in the dead of night for an emergent cat scan in search of appendicitis or the stomach flu, that somewhere behind the scenes anytime day or night, whether you see her face or not, there is a highly-trained and board-certified radiologist who cares deeply for your family’s health, and she is indeed a real doctor.


Who exactly is this major donor Sam Brownback installed to oversee your family’s healthcare?

Below is a small sampling of Hodgdon’s venomous statements about Dr. Wolf, posted on public websites under her official title as a “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts”, during the time when Dr. Wolf’s inquiry before the Board was still active.

hodgdon - you're a loser


hodgon - worthless asshat


hodgdon - attacks wolf's wife responds by telling wolf supporter to 'bite me' copy


This is who Sam Brownback installed to oversee your family’s healthcare.

Given the use of her official title, it is unclear if Hodgdon was speaking on behalf of the Board when calling Dr. Wolf a “worthless asshat” (while is case was active before her Board) or if her conduct in telling an Army National Guardsman to “bite me” for defending Dr. Wolf’s wife was in compliance with the Board’s stringent legal and ethical standards. It is clear, however, that Hodgdon’s conduct was not only approved by Governor Sam Brownback, it was rewarded.

“I subscribe to the Winston Churchill principle: ‘You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks,’ but Anne Hodgdon is more than just some barking dog. She’s a poison on the body politic and a direct threat to your family’s healthcare. Our governor, after receiving major contributions from Hodgdon, installed her into a position to oversee your family’s healthcare and to potentially ruin mine or any other doctor’s career who dares to raise their hand and simply say they want to serve their state and their country.” — Dr. Milton Wolf

There’s no escaping this fact: Anne Hodgdon, who oversees your family’s healthcare, is a serial liar and there are no depths to which she will not sink. As just one example among so many others, Anne Hodgdon repeatedly lied not only about Dr. Wolf’s church, but his faith. Below are but three samples (among several others on this topic alone) of Hodgdon publicly making false claims on a website under her official title as “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts”:

anne church lie

hodgdon lie - church

anne church


In fact, Milton was baptized as a child in Lyons, by his own father, and continues to proudly proclaim the Gospel. Dr. Wolf and his family have been members of Lenexa Baptist Church since October 2005:

“It’s been an honor to be Milton and Karrie’s, and Jeremy and Taylor’s, pastor for nearly a decade.” — Pastor Steve Dighton, July 19, 2014, Senior Pastoral Adviser, Founding Pastor of Lenexa Baptist Church, Senior Pastor 1990-2015

What kind of person would brazenly lie about another’s faith? Of course, it goes disturbingly deeper than that and Dr. Wolf has an entire archive documenting hundreds of similarly indefensible, often inexplicable and occasionally outright bizarre lies by Anne Hodgdon.

This is who Sam Brownback installed to oversee your family’s healthcare.

“Sam Brownback’s Board appointee, Anne Hodgdon, is a serial liar. Hodgdon has lied about me, about my family, my church, my gun ownership, my family’s military service, even my high school graduation; she lied about former Congressman Todd Tiahrt’s Senate campaign; and, of course, Anne Hodgdon lied about my case before the Board of Healing Arts. The list goes on and on, and the evidence of her lies is unassailable, but what’s truly bizarre is just how easily her lies unravel. What kind of person would so casually and repeatedly lie about matters both of critical importance and of a trivial nature, when each of them one-by-one can be so effortlessly exposed as lies? Is it arrogance? Delusion? I’m not sure but the bigger question is why in the world would Governor Sam Brownback appoint a serial liar like Anne Hodgdon to oversee your family’s healthcare?” — Dr. Milton Wolf


Lying about evidence before the Board: Anne Hodgdon versus Anne Hodgdon

Below are statements that Anne Hodgdon released on public websites under her official title as “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts”  during the time period that Dr. Wolf’s case was active before the Board. In these disturbing statements, Hodgdon contradicts herself  repeatedly and fabricates evidence, first claiming intimate knowledge of the active case before the Board (including a pronouncement of wrongdoing), and then of her complete ignorance of the case (source documents are included at the end of this publication). Follow the damning timeline…


anne sam jeffFrankly, having seen some of the X-rays and dialogue on his Facebook page [in 2010 and 2011], when he decided to run I wondered how he could not realize it was a scandal waiting to happen.”

–Brownback appointee Anne Hodgdon, February 22, 2014



anne & pat

I personally saw many of his patients’ X-rays posted on his FB page [in 2010 and 2011] over several years…plus many more – it was when I first sensed there was something ‘not right’ about Wolf and his ethics.

–Brownback appointee Anne Hodgdon, June 1, 2014




Consider the gravity and legal ramifications of the above statements and keep in mind Hodgdon’s interesting choice of phrase: “scandal waiting to happen.” The Facebook posts in question existed online in 2010 and were removed by 2011. This means a member of the Board of Healing Arts professed to have seen the evidence at the heart of Dr. Wolf’s case and took absolutely no action other than sitting on it until it became politically valuable. If the evidence truly showed wrongdoing, as Hodgdon has proclaimed, wouldn’t it be a dereliction of her duty to patients of Kansas to not pursue the matter? Hodgdon sitting on this evidence for three years makes the military-like precision timing of the unlawful divulgence of the case, just three weeks before the election, even more suspicious. That is, of course, if you can believe anything Anne Hodgdon says.


June 14, 2014: This is the critical date that Board employee Dan Riley “divulged in a letter” the existence of “a formal investigation.” This is when Hodgdon’s behind-the-scenes panic set in. The Wolf campaign responded to the release that Riley’s action was an unlawful act and then went on to expose Board member Anne Hodgdon’s public statements about Dr. Wolf which clearly demonstrated her over-the-top political motives. Hodgdon then proceeded to destroy evidence to cover her tracks by deleting all electronic records of her prior public statements, but not before Dr. Wolf had collected screen captures of every word, and then some. She then — under her official title as “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts” — released a new public statement that directly contradicted to her previous statements:


anne & jerryIn fact, I had never seen pictures or posts of the particular X-rays purported to have been on Milton Wolf’s Facebook page which were the subject of Tim Carpenter’s article and interview of Dr. Wolf for the Topeka Capital Journal. I am guessing they were posted before Wolf and I became Facebook friends in mid-2010, and I do not have a habit of going through the historic pictures of my many Facebook friends. So the first I knew about them or saw images of them was when I read the article in the Topeka Capital Journal [in February 2014].

— Brownback appointee Anne Hodgdon, August 7, 2014


Anne Hodgdon not only destroyed the electronic record of many of her fabricated public statements, she took the extraordinary step of closing her entire Twitter account from which many of the falsehoods were trafficked. As of today, Hodgdon’s twitter account has not only been deleted by the user, but now has been suspended by Twitter.

anne hodgdon twitter suspended

The reason for Hodgdon’s account suspension is unclear but Twitter’s policy is to suspend users who demonstrate “Abusive Tweets or behavior” among other reasons.

This is who Sam Brownback installed to oversee your family’s healthcare.


A Pattern of  Politically-motivated False Criminal Accusations?

Anne Hodgdon’s politically-motivated claims of criminal wrongdoing have not ended with Dr. Wolf. In an unrelated case, Sam Brownback’s appointee made another shocking accusation for her own expressed purpose of affecting the Kansas City mayoral race. Hodgdon alleges a decades-old and never-reported sexual assault by a man, but only, she says, because he questioned the eligibility of a political candidate Hodgdon supported. In her own words, Hodgdon claimed to be aware of other possible victims but protecting those women was not worth it to her to go public, but a political race was.

anne clay chastain

Catch that? Even if Anne Hodgdon’s words could be believed, she — by her own admission — refused to act to protect women she claims might be victimized, but was willing to act to protect a politician. In other words, in order of importance according to Anne Hodgdon: protecting a politician, then protecting her own privacy, and lastly, protecting women who might become victims.

This is who Sam Brownback installed to oversee your family’s healthcare.

It should be noted that the accused man — name redacted from this publication because no evidence has been offered by Hodgdon to corroborate her charges — has publicly denied the accusation and announced consideration of a civil lawsuit against Hodgdon.

To be very clear, although in general we strongly believe that false accusations of these types of crimes should be punished with the same severity as the crime itself and met with vigorous civil lawsuits, we have no knowledge of who is lying in this particular case and we make no inference.

We do, however, note a pattern that Sam Brownback’s appointee, Anne Hodgdon, makes criminal accusations against men when it serves to protect her favorite politicians. If indeed legal proceedings do arise in this matter, in the interest of determining the credibility of the accuser and the accused, Dr. Wolf will make available his entire archive of Anne Hodgdon’s serial lying.


A fair question:

If a Kansas doctor, sitting in judgment before the Board of Healing Arts, had exhibited the same pattern of behavior as Anne Hodgdon, how should the Board proceed?



The evidence is clear: (1) A government employee violated the law with incredibly suspicious timing such that it benefited a politician. (2) A  government official who was a major donor before being appointed to a powerful Board position lied about evidence in a legal case before her own agency and then destroyed electronic records to cover her tracks. And, (3) the career politicians whose actions set these events into motion benefited.


Statement from Dr. Wolf:

“Does anyone really believe this was ever anything other than political? Do you really believe that if I had never run for the United States Senate, that the Board would have ever launched their investigation of me? These were years-old, trumped-up accusations — one that a Board member herself claimed to be aware of years prior and did absolutely nothing — and then, with military-like precision timing for maximum political damage, the case was illegally publicized just three weeks before a pivotal federal election. This is the weaponization of government. This is a corrupt political class abusing the overwhelming power of government to keep citizens in line and keep themselves in power. They didn’t just try to simply defeat an opponent politically or even personally, these corrupt bastards tried to destroy the career of a respected medical doctor just so they could cling to power. Now ask yourself this: What will they do to you if you get in their way? ”

“It’s great to finally be exonerated but this victory is bittersweet. The thousands of dollars this has cost me personally. The nights of lost sleep. The anguish and insults hurled upon my family. This process itself is the punishment. GOP insiders colluded. The law was broken. Evidence was lied about, fabricated and destroyed. And corrupt political insiders benefited. America cannot survive this kind of abuse of power much longer. Heads should roll. People should go to jail. And I don’t care what party they’re in, abusive politicians and government officials like Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran, Sam Brownback and Anne Hodgdon should be run out town at the end of a pitchfork.”

“Despite it all, I still believe in America and I believe in Kansas. You know me. I’m a doctor, not a politician and whatever God has in store for me in the future, I still wake up every morning thankful for the honor to serve Kansas patients. I am deeply grateful to the hundreds of thousands in Kansas and across America who stood with us in the eye of the storm. America desperately needs fearless patriots like you, now more than ever. In the words of Winston Churchill: ‘Never, never, never give up.'”



Additional points:

1. Dr. Wolf holds most members and employees of the Board of Healing Arts in high regard and suspects that they, like all Kansans, will recoil in disgust upon learning of the malfeasance of one political patronage appointee by Sam Brownback. Dr. Wolf does not personally know any other members or employees but understands them to be honorable people with a difficult task who care deeply about Kansas’s healthcare. He urges his supporters to not blame an entire agency for the actions of one or a few.

2. Dr. Wolf is saddened and infuriated that an agency as critical as the Board of Healing Arts could be subject to politicization and weaponization by Kansas GOP insiders to achieve political ends that they could not achieve on their own merits. He suspects most members of the Board would agree because this ultimately undermines their credibility and patients deserve to know that their doctors are licensed because of their merit, not their political connections.

3. Shockingly, there is currently no legislative oversight of the Board of Healing Arts. Members are installed by the governor without Senate confirmation and falsely accused doctors have no recourse other than appealing to the mercy of the Board itself or seeking judicial relief. Dr. Wolf hopes that the Kansas Legislature will act immediately to correct this unbelievable lapse in basic oversight and will have more to say in the near future.

4. As part of  Anne Hodgdon’s 2014 unhinged campaign of intimidation, she threatened civil lawsuits against Dr. Wolf’s staffers, young fellow Republicans, many of whom are military Veterans. Dr. Wolf is prepared to punch back twice as hard. He believes that Kansans and all Americans should not be subjected to this type of intimidation: (1) Anne Hodgdon is a government official and Dr. Wolf is a private citizen exercising his First Amendment rights of free speech and redress. (2) The best defense against claims of libel, slander or defamation is the truth and Dr. Wolf is prepared to release an archive of screen captures and other source data that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Anne Hodgdon is indeed a serial liar. (3) Should civil action arise, Dr. Wolf is prepared to immediately and aggressively pursue discovery of all communications between Anne Hodgdon and the Board, its employees, Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran and Kevin Yoder, including forensic analysis to determine if any communications have been deleted. Given that Governor Brownback has a history of conducting official government business over private e-mail and Anne Hodgdon has a history of destroying electronic records, Dr. Wolf is confident that a court would grant wide latitude.

5. Anne Hodgdon is forbidden by law from discussing even the slightest detail of Dr. Wolf’s case, as are all Board members and employees for that matter. Dr. Wolf requests that if anyone witnesses in the future or has witnessed in the past Hodgdon violate this law, to please immediately report her to authorities and inform him. Dr. Wolf is prepared to proceed accordingly.

6. Dr. Wolf will have more to say about Governor Brownback soon but would like to give him the opportunity to finally do the right thing about Anne Hodgdon first.

7. Below are the screen captures confirming Anne Hodgdon’s fabrications regarding evidence in Dr. Wolf’s case which were posted publicly under her official title as “Board Member at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts”. If she denies these fabrications, or any other lies described or listed above, Dr. Wolf is prepared to begin the one-by-one slow burn of publicizing his entire archive of Hodgdon’s publicly-made-but-now-deleted statements juxtaposed to the unassailable evidence that will confirm that even though Sam Brownback trusts her to oversee your family’s healthcare, Anne Hodgdon is, in fact, a serial liar.

Posted February 22, 2014:

anne claiming to see fb posts feb 22


Posted June 1, 2014:

anne personally saw x-ray posts jun 1


Posted August 7, 2014:

anne claiming she never saw fb posts aug 7