December 1, 2016




◘ Anne Hodgdon, member of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, accused a private citizen political activist of decades-old and never-reported “sexual assault or attempted rape” in hopes of swaying an election.

◘ The citizen in turn sued Hodgdon for defamation.

◘ Federal Judge Carlos Murguia affirmed that Hodgdon admitted that the intent of her sexual assault accusation was to sway an election.

◘ Hodgdon and her team of high-powered attorneys repeatedly attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed but failed in light of convincing evidence presented by the private citizen that her story simply didn’t add up.

◘ Judge Murguia ruled that the evidence supported that Hodgdon acted in malice and “knew she was making a false statement, or at least had reckless disregard for the truth.”

◘ To avoid an embarrassing trial, Hodgdon has now been forced to settle the defamation lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. This is no surprise to anyone following the case. Rich people with political connections can just write checks to make their bad behavior go away.

These facts are not in dispute. You can read the case proceedings for yourself here.



◘ Hodgdon has been a major donor to Governor Sam Brownback.

◘ Brownback appointed Hodgdon to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts in 2011 and again in 2015 despite being fully aware and privately acknowledging (on 8-21-2014 in a meeting with witnesses) that Hodgdon has waged a long and losing battle with telling the truth.

◘ You will recall that Hodgdon was at the center of the controversy in 2014 when the Board of Healing Arts investigated false accusations against me that I violated patient privacy when the Board unlawfully publicized the existence of their investigation to the media —perfectly timed to impact the election— and then later quietly closed the case without any findings of wrongdoing.

◘ In 2015, the FBI investigated the Board including Anne Hodgdon and told me they found evidence that warranted referring the case to the KBI for criminal investigation of violation of state confidentiality laws but were told by a KBI official that the KBI was not interested in investigating it further. I was not surprised.

◘ Sam Brownback has some explaining to do but most importantly he owes it to Kansans to explain why Anne Hodgdon is fit to oversee their families’ healthcare on the State Board of Healing Arts.