What is the government’s proper role in our lives?

Government exists to protect our natural, God-given rights. Unfortunately, our federal government is  too large and too burdensome, and as government expands, our freedoms contract. Our Founders understood that our freedom and our prosperity are fragile and survive only when government is kept to its proper role.

Imagine a health care system that cares more about patients than politicians.

Imagine a simpler tax code, like the FairTax, where everyone finally plays by the same set of rules.

Imagine an energy policy that focuses on unleashing America’s power rather than driving up our gas prices.

Imagine an immigration policy that rewards those who love America, who play by the rules, and who yearn to breathe free.

Imagine a foreign policy where America’s military remains unrivaled and our soldiers know that we have their backs just as they have ours, but we don’t run into every civil war and skirmish when it does not threaten America’s vital national security interests.

Imagine a government that does not have access to your cell phone calls or email password.

Imagine an America that re-embraces the Constitution and the American Idea of individual liberty, limited government and free-market values.

What is at stake?

Our country cannot sustain the tax, spend, and borrow system that has been used by entrenched Washington insiders for far too long.  My wife and I have two children and God-willing we will one day be grandparents.  The republic is at stake and I will fight every day to ensure that we leave behind a brighter and more prosperous future for our children, and for generations yet to come.

My Conservative Values

Life is the most precious gift given by God

I am unapologetically pro-life and, as your next senator, I will fight everyday for life from conception to natural death. I have devoted my life to saving lives and I will not stop now. Karrie and I make no secret of the fact that we were teenage parents, and it was the greatest blessing of our lives. God repeated that blessing three years later and recently we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, with our wonderful son and daughter. This is not a political issue to us; it’s very personal.

Our Right to Self Defense is God-Given

Your right to defend yourself is God-Given, and can never be taken away. As a key part of the divinely-inspired American Idea, our Founders codified it into law by adopting the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The Second Amendment means exactly what it says and applies to individuals, not just militias.  I will always fight to defend our Second Amendment rights, and no polls or special interests will ever change that.

Strong Families Make A Strong America

The family is the basic building block of society. Our country’s success is largely dependent on the success of the American family and strong families are the backbone of our country.

Taxed Enough Already

I strongly support the FairTax. I support the FairTax not only because it is sound economic policy and will create jobs, but I support it because it will replace the current immoral tax code that is used to coerce Americans to obey the whims of politicians and it will eliminate the corrupt IRS that persecutes Americans for their political beliefs.

PatientCare, Not ObamaCare

As a physician, I’ve taken an oath to my patients and whether I serve one patient at a time or all of America, I will abide by that oath to first do no harm.

ObamaCare is a destructive and disastrous law that must be completely repealed and replaced with a patient-centered, market-driven healthcare plan. I call it PatientCare. The cornerstones of PatientCare are compassion and efficiency. Compassion is achieved when doctors and patients are free to choose what care is right for them and efficiency is achieved through the power of the free market. With PatientCare, your insurance will be personal, portable and permanent and neither the government nor your employer can intrude upon your private doctor-patient relationship.

Pay Down the Debt

America already has an unsustainable debt that Washington is content to pass on to generations yet to be born. As author Mark Steyn said, when America spends trillions of dollars that have yet to be earned by a generation yet to be born, it’s no longer a spending crisis, it’s a moral crisis.  We must adopt pro-growth economic policies so that we can get our fiscal house in order, and pay down the debt.  I will not support any increases to our nation’s debt.

Term Limits for Congress

I pledge to serve only two terms in the United States Senate. George Washington began the tradition of self-imposed term limits.  The Founders envisioned public service as just that: service, not a career.  Many have followed Washington’s example, including our own Governor Brownback who pledged to only serve two terms in the U.S. Senate, and kept his word.  Sadly however, too many have treated political office as a career, and they cast meaningless votes for term limits while always exempting themselves.  The permanent political class is the problem and it is time to send the career politicians home.

Nominees who will Support and Defend the Constitution

One of the major responsibilities of a United States Senator is to confirm presidential appointees.  I will never vote for an appointee to any judicial post, cabinet post, or any other confirmable position who has a demonstrated record of ignoring the Constitution.  My litmus test is the Constitution of the United States and if an appointee won’t follow it, I don’t care who they were appointed by, I will vote against their confirmation.

Do you want to help me fight Barack Obama’s so-called fundamental transformation of America?

We can set our country back on the path to prosperity that we were so fortunate to inherit from the generations who built this great country but it will take an abiding courage and hard work. It starts by changing Washington and we won’t change Washington until we change who we send to Washington. The time is now.

I ask for your support. Your vote. Your volunteerism. Your contribution. Your prayers.

Each day in the hospital, patients come to me and put their lives in my hands. They ask me to make the difficult decisions that are the difference between life and death. They give to me their sacred trust and it is a humbling and heady burden. Please know that if you give to me your sacred trust, I will not betray you. I will not let you down.

I would never be so presumptuous or arrogant to ask anyone to stand for me. But if you will stand for the Constitution, if you will stand for the American Idea itself, that divinely-inspired American Idea of individual liberty, limited government and free-market values, then you and I will be standing together. And together we will fearlessly fight and we will tirelessly work and we will save our republic.

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