Kansas Wolf Pack: Ted Cruz for President!

March 4, 2016

My fellow conservatives,

One day our children and our children’s children will want to know where we stood in America’s hour of need. I want my grandchildren to know that I used my vote in this pivotal election to defend our Constitution. That’s why I am voting for Senator Ted Cruz for president of the United States and I urge you to join me.


I am not casting my vote AGAINST anyone — not against Donald Trump or against Marco Rubio or against John Kasich — and I won’t insult any of their supporters by insulting them. This is too important.

I am voting FOR Ted Cruz and here’s why: We know in our hearts, and history confirms, that the only way to make America great is to fearlessly defend our Constitution and our conservative values. Senator Ted Cruz has demonstrated lifelong unwavering support of both.

Kansans deserve a president who will fearlessly defend our Constitution, take on the Washington ruling class and support our great state. That man is Senator Ted Cruz. He went to Washington and shocked the establishment to its core simply by doing exactly what he said he’d do, and I know he will do the same as president.

And finally remember this. In the 2014 general election when the Kansas Republican party was in disarray and it seemed likely that our party would lose a Senate seat and the governorship, there was one presidential candidate who came to our state to help. It was Senator Ted Cruz who stood by Kansas in our hour of need and I’m asking you now to stand by him.

I’m asking you to join me and caucus for Ted Cruz tomorrow in this, our nation’s hour of need.


Thank you and God bless you all!