The Devastating Pat Roberts Residency Timeline

May 13, 2014

Pat Roberts’ claim to Kansas residency has hinged on one excuse after another. A vacant lot. An occupied investment property. A rental La-Z-Boy. The facts of this timeline are not in dispute, not even by Roberts himself.

The reality is that Pat Roberts has NEVER lived in his “home” town of Dodge City.

Our nation suffers in part because the arrogance of Washington has created one set of rules for politicians and another set of rules for the people. As you read this timeline, ask yourself this: If this was your history, would they allow you to even vote in Kansas, much less run for office?

Roberts virginia car - 450x450

Does Pat Roberts’ residency timeline pass the smell test?

1962 – Moved to Arizona.

1967 – Moved to Washington.

1975 – Purchased his current home in Alexandria, Virginia.

1980 – First ran for Congress. Had not lived in Kansas for 18 years. Had NEVER lived in Dodge City. Listed a vacant lot in Dodge City as official address.

1996 – First ran for Senate. Listed a half-duplex rental property as official address but does not reside there, instead rents property out to tenants who reside there.

2013 – Scrambled to rent a bedroom and La-Z-Boy recliner from a major donor (and former staffer) and lists it as official address but does not live there. Homeowner stated he could not remember the last time the senator had visited. Senator Roberts boasted: “I have full access to the recliner.”

2013 – Declares with his Personal Financial Disclosure that his primary residence is his home in Alexandria, Virginia.

2014 – Proudly displays his Virginia vanity license plates on his car that is registered in Virginia.

2014 – Roberts’ staff admits that the senator has a “long history” of “intending to be a resident” of Kansas. Intending.


Yeah, a long history … 47 years to be exact.





Article 1, Section 3 of the United States Constitution:

No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the age of thirty years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state for which he shall be chosen.